segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010


If you are teaching about food, I have a really good idea today.

Are you a good detective?
Use the code to read the mysterious message.

Após desvendar o enigma,
seu aluno encontrará a seguinte charada...
After unraveling the puzzle,
your student will find the following riddle...

I am round and crunchy.
Inside I am white
and outside I can be red or green.
I grow in trees .
You can eat me raw
or use me to make juices, pies or jams.
What fruit am I?

To confirm and complement the students' responses,
you can take some interesting pictures.
Here are some suggestions:

Aditional Activities

1.Color the fruit that I am.

2.Color me Red

3.Color me Green

I hope you enjoyed. I hope your comments. Kisses...
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